: How to Dose and Take Kratom

Kratom is enticing, and if not controlled, someone can end up taking more than it should. Therefore, it requires trial and error, and you should start by taking in low dosage, and you increase the mount slowly until your systems get used. Some people take too much or too little of the Kratom powder expecting instant results, but they end up disappointed.


How to consume kratom powder  


Kratom powder is usually ingested and not smoked. Here are some of the common methods on how to consume it:


  1. Toss and wash


This serves as the quickest and simplest way to consume kratom in your body system. To take it, put a certain amount in a glass, tip the powder in your mouth, swill it and then swallow. You can use a spoon to take the product bit by bit without necessarily swallowing the entire amount at once.


  1. Make tea


To make kratom tea, boil the powder in a pot with water for 30 minutes, let it cool and strain off the liquid. Majority of the users find it as the best way to consume the herb, but it consumes more time to make the liquid. However, to cut short on time, you can prepare plenty of it and keep it in the fridge for up to one week. The taste is a bit bitter though you can take it like that, or add sweeteners like sugar.


  1. Add to yogurt


Many users have confessed to having used the kratom powder in yogurt, and they highly recommend others to try it. Use yogurt that is fruit flavored to mask the sour taste of the kratom powder. By adding the product to yogurt, it enables you to enjoy a healthy but a very powerful energy.


  1. Add it to protein shake


As much as you will be taking the powder with calories, its benefits outweigh the odds. Many users claim they get better and instant effects when they take their Kratom using this method, although there is no scientific backing to that.


How to dose Kratom


Start by taking a small dosage of two to three grams and if you don’t feel anything after 20 minutes, take a little more. If you feel nauseated, then it means you have taken way too much, more than ten grams and this might make you to puke.


When you take high-quality Kratom, you only need to take a dosage of three to five grams. Not all Kratom is equal in their quality levels; therefore, you need to be cautious when buying your Kratom as having the best will ensure you only use little to realize its full benefits. Besides using little product for more benefits, you will also get value for your money.